Fact Sheet 1: High electricity and natural gas bills

Information to help residential customers understand why they may have received a bill that is higher than usual

Fact Sheet 2: High water bills

Information about higher than expected water bills for residential customers

Fact Sheet 3: Estimated bills and meter access

Explains when and why bills are issued based on estimated meter readings

Fact Sheet 4: Backbilling

Information and rules about backbilling

Fact Sheet 5: Refunds and lost payments

Information about energy and water refunds and the problems that can be experienced with payments

Fact Sheet 6: Concessions and grants

Information about electricity, gas and water concessions

Fact Sheet 7: Energy and water payment difficulties

Information about what you should do if you can't pay an electricity, gas or water bill, and the assistance that may be available to you.

Fact Sheet 8: Disconnection and restriction for debt

Helping residential customers understand their rights and responsibilities and the assistance which may be available to them

Fact Sheet 9: New transitional housing tenants

Helping transitional housing tenants avoid energy and water hassles

Fact Sheet 10: Smart Meter basics

Information about Smart Meters.

Fact Sheet 11: Solar and feed-in tariff basics

Information about solar and feed-in tariffs

Fact Sheet 12: Energy service orders

Information about and the rules associated with energy service orders

Fact Sheet 13: Electricity, gas and water meters

Explaining different meter types and how technology is changing

Fact Sheet 14: Energy marketing

Information about door-to-door and telephone marketing

Fact Sheet 15: Changing energy retailer

Information for residential and small business customers about electricity and gas rights and retail competition

Fact Sheet 16: Charges on water bills (metropolitan water corporations)

Explains the main charges on the bills of residential water customers in metropolitan Melbourne — and how and when these charges are applied

Fact Sheet 17: Charges on water bills (regional urban water corporations)

Explains the main charges on the bills of residential customers of regional urban water authorities — and how and when these charges are applied

Fact Sheet 18: Water licensing and EWOV

Help with deciding where to lodge your complaint about water licensing

Fact Sheet 19: EWOV for Members of Parliament

Information to help Members of Parliament and Electorate Officers understand when and how to contact EWOV

Fact Sheet 20: EWOV and LPG

Information on what type of LPG (bottled gas) problems EWOV can assist with

Fact Sheet 21: Energy and water basics

Basic energy and water information for customers with limited English

Fact Sheet 22: EWOV community poster

A poster promoting EWOV 

Fact Sheet 23: Flexible electricity pricing

Information about Flexible Pricing for Victorian electricity customers including links to other resources

Fact Sheet 24: How we help: EWOV complaint handling

A guide to how we handle your electricity, gas (including LPG) and water complaints

Fact Sheet 25: Bulk hot water

Information for residential bulk hot water customers

Fact Sheet 26: EWOV's role with Smart Meters

Information for Victorian electricity customers about Smart Meters

Fact Sheet 27: Online resources

Information about online resources and tools to help Victorian consumers and community groups

Fact Sheet 28 - Unauthorised electricity voltage variation and claims

Information about unauthorised voltage variation, also known as power surge, and the claims process

Fact Sheet 29 - Credit default listings and debt collection

Information about energy and water credit default listings, the default listing process and debt collection activity. 

Fact Sheet 30 -  Planned and unplanned energy and water supply outages

Information about planned and unplanned energy and water supply outages and associated issues.

Fact Sheet 31 - Acting on behalf of someone with an EWOV complaint

Information about how authorised representatives can act on behalf of customers with energy and water complaints.

Fact Sheet 32 - Moving in and out of a property

Information about what to do to get your energy and water accounts set-up and closed when moving in and out of a property.

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