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EWOV will be closed from 4 pm Tuesday 25 June 2024 to 8.30 am Wednesday 26 June 2024.

If your electricity gas or water has been disconnected or restricted, please refer to the emergency contact number noted on your bill‌.

Last updated: 09 Mar 2023


The role of the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) (EWOV) in handling cases about LPG (also known as bottled gas).

EWOV can investigate complaints from customers of LPG companies which are participants of the EWOV scheme.

These LPG companies are:

  • Elgas
  • Origin Energy LPG
  • Supagas.

We can help you if you have a problem that you cannot resolve directly with your company.

We cannot deal with problems you may have with an LPG reseller (someone who buys bottled gas from an LPG company and then resells it to customers), such as hardware stores.

If you are not sure whether you are buying from a company’s agent or a reseller (distributor), ask them. You can also ring the LPG company to check.

LPG matters EWOV can deal with:

- Provision and supply issues

- Billing (receipts, invoices, statements of account)

- Credit and payment services

- Disconnection (delivery stops) and refundable advances (security deposits)

- Land issues, e.g. damage to property

- Complaints referred by an LPG company

LPG matters EWOV can’t deal with:

- The setting of LPG prices

- Commercial activities outside an LPG company’s core business

- Government policies

- Court and tribunal matters

- Matters required by legislation

- Customer contributions to the cost of capital works

- Events beyond the reasonable control of an LPG company bearing in mind current law and good industry practice

- Actions taken due to a compulsory direction

The Victorian LPG Retail Code (the Code) protects the interests of residential customers (including low-income or vulnerable customers).

The Code applies where LPG is delivered to a residential customer’s site. It is voluntary, but enforceable.

In volunteering to comply with the Code, an LPG company agrees (among other things) to participate in EWOV’s dispute resolution scheme and to be bound by any decision made by EWOV about a customer’s complaint.

You can get a copy of the Victorian LPG Retail Code from your LPG company or from the Victorian Government’s website.

Residential customers with eligible concession cards can apply for the Non-Mains Water Energy Concession - LP Gas Rebate.

Customers who are unable to pay their LPG bills due to a temporary financial crisis can also apply for the Non- Mains Utility Relief Grant (NURGS).

For more information, contact the Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing on 1800 658 521 or visit:

Where to start? This checklist may help.

Things you can do:

- Find out who your LPG company is. Or did you buy your bottled gas from an onseller?

- Are you concerned about leaking gas? Check for damages/leaks on your regulator.

- Are you concerned about the amount of gas received? Make sure the switch is in the off- position at delivery.

- Check how full your cylinder is by pouring hot water over it (the condensation will show you the level of gas).

- Check your fittings and the switch — are they intact?

Talking to your company:

- Are you concerned about the amount of gas delivered? Talk about your account history (dates and volumes of past deliveries).

- Can’t pay? Discuss a payment plan. Ask for a NURGS form.

Contacting EWOV:

- If you can’t sort out the problem with your LPG company directly, contact EWOV.

- Have all your details ready, including bills, delivery dockets and your own notes.