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Electricity, gas and water companies that fall within our scope must become a member of EWOV. Customers of those companies can come to us with enquiries or complaints about those companies, for free. The company is then charged a fee by us for dealing with those enquiries or complaints.

If you hold a licence to sell or supply electricity and/or gas as a retailer or distributor granted by the Essential Services Commission, you have a legal requirement to join EWOV under your licence conditions.

If you are an embedded network, and hold an exemption from the requirement to have a licence with the Essential Services Commission, you also need to be a member of EWOV under the General Exemption Order 2022.

LPG companies also participate in EWOV under the LPG retail code.

Water companies also have to join EWOV to comply with the relevant Essential Services Commission Customer Service Code.

Since 1 July 2018, embedded networks in Victoria must join our scheme as members. By joining EWOV as a member, your customers have clear consumer protections and access to a free and independent dispute resolution service.

If you supply or sell electricity in an embedded network in Victoria under a retail or network exemption, you’re required to join EWOV. The exemptions and who they apply to are set out in Part 2 of the General Exemption Order 2022.

As an industry-based scheme funded by members, we collect levies from all members. Embedded network members must pay an annual membership fee and a one-off start-up levy. The amount of each levy depends on how many customers you have. Once you’re a member, you’ll also be charged case-based fees for any complaints we receive from your customers.

If you’re not sure if you need to join EWOV, contact our Member Liaison Officer on 03 8672 4216 or

Visit our Member Portal for more information, including our application checklist.

If you’re applying for a retail or distribution licence with the Essential Services Commission, as part of the licence application review process you’ll need to show that you have approached us about joining our scheme.

Fill in the form below and our Member Liaison Officer will send confirmation that you have contacted us about joining EWOV.