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If your electricity gas or water has been disconnected or restricted, please refer to the emergency contact number noted on your bill‌.

Common complaints

The network infrastructure that supplies energy and water to your property, the meters, poles, wires and pipes, can sometimes lead to complaints.

The network infrastructure needed to bring electricity, gas and water to your property is made up of many parts. Some of these parts can lead to problems that result in complaints.

Meters record how much electricity, gas and water is used at your property.

Poles carry electricity wires in many neighbourhoods in Victoria, and are different depending on the voltage they carry.

Wires carry the electrical current from the electricity source, such as a power station, to your property. These can be overhead or underground.

Pipes carry gas and water to your property.

Most properties have meters that record how much energy and water is used. Your companies use this information to work out how much your bill should be.

Most electricity meters in Victoria are smart meters – digital meters that record how much power you use every half-hour. They don’t need to be read manually by meter readers. Information about usage is transferred to your company via communications networks. A small number of properties in Victoria (for example, if you live in an embedded network) still have original, non-smart electricity meters. Read our Electricity, gas and water fact sheet for more information.

All water and gas meters, and some electricity meters, have to be read manually to record usage. Your water company owns and reads your water meter. Electricity and gas distributors own and read electricity and gas meters. It’s your responsibility to make sure your company can access the meters that must be read manually or for maintenance or replacement. If you live in an embedded network, your owners’ corporation or the company that bills you owns and reads your meter. They’re also responsible for the maintenance of the meter.

You can read your own meter to check your electricity, gas and water usage. You’ll need to locate your meter, match the unique meter number with the number listed on your bill, and then read the meter display. Watch our video for more information.

There are several problems that can happen with meters, including:

  • when you transfer from one electricity or gas company to another one, the wrong meter may be transferred
  • your meter may be incorrectly recording your usage
  • your company may not be able to access your meter to read it and they may send you a bill based on estimated usage.

If you think there’s something wrong with your meter or the bills associated with your meter, talk to your electricity, gas or water company. If you're not happy with its response, you can contact us.

Sometimes the poles, wires and pipes that supply electricity, gas and water to your property can lead to problems. These might include:

  • tree roots blocking water pipes
  • water entering the gas pipes and affecting supply
  • dangerous electrical wires and poles
  • placement of poles, wires and pipes near or on your property.

If you have a problem with the network infrastructure that supplies your electricity, gas or water, talk to your water company, or your electricity or gas distributor. If you're not happy with its response, you can contact us.

If you have a problem with your meters, the bills associated with your meters, or any of the poles, wires and pipes that supply your property, try to work out the problem with your companies first. If you’re not happy with its response, contact us.

We can help with most complaints about energy or water issues in Victoria, big or small. Our service is free to Victorian customers.

"The EWOV personnel were helpful and constructive. They made the process of resolving our complaint easier than it otherwise would have been."

Nathan* Victorian customer * Name has been changed

Need general information?

If you don’t have a complaint but just want some general information, we call this an enquiry. We may even be able to refer you to another agency.

You can make an enquiry at any time. Call us on 1800 500 509, send us an email or start a live chat.

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