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Embedded networks are private electricity networks that supply electricity to homes or businesses within one area, such as an apartment building, shopping centre, caravan park or retirement village. Usually, the operator of the embedded network buys electricity in bulk and then sells it to customers inside the embedded network.

Since 1 July 2018, embedded networks operating in Victoria must join our scheme as members.

Embedded network customers have most of the same rights and protections as other electricity customers.

Your embedded network must sell and supply your electricity in line with its obligations under the Energy Retail Code of Practice and the Electricity Distribution Code of Practice.

Your embedded network’s obligations include:

  • billing, including what needs to be included on bills, frequency of bills, payment methods, undercharging and overcharging, additional retail charges and merchant fees
  • payment difficulties assistance and payment plan options if you're struggling to pay your electricity bills
  • what needs to be included on reminder notices and disconnection warnings
  • when and how your embedded network can and cannot disconnect your electricity, and
  • life support equipment requirements.

Many embedded networks use an agent to send bills and provide customer service. Some of the larger agents are WINenergy, Energy On, Active Utilities, ENSA, Energy Intelligence, Benergy, Network Energy Services and Seene. If you receive bills from any of these companies, you’re in an embedded network.

Customers in embedded networks have the right to transfer (or switch) to a different company but, in practice, there are barriers to switching. If you’ve tried to switch but are having problems, contact us. We can look at the steps that you, your embedded network and your chosen retailer have taken to try to enable switching, and help work out the next steps to take.

If you live in an embedded network and you have a complaint, visit our Start a complaint page for more information.

Since 1 July 2018, embedded networks operating in Victoria must join our scheme as members. By joining EWOV as a member, your customers have clear consumer protections and access to a free and independent dispute resolution service.

Visit Joining EWOV or more information.