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Last updated: 09 Mar 2023

Embedded network basics

Information about embedded networks, the rights of embedded network customers and how EWOV can help.

There are hundreds of embedded networks in Victoria, some of them quite small.

Many embedded networks use an agent to send bills and provide customer service. Some of the larger agents are WinConnect, Energy On, Active Utilities, ENSA, Energy Intelligence, Benergy, Network Energy Services and OC Energy. If you receive bills from any of these companies, you are in an embedded network.

If you are still not sure if you are in an embedded network, call your body corporate, the operator of your caravan park or retirement village, or the company named on your electricity bill. You can also check the Essential Services Commission’s register of embedded networks to see if yours is listed.

Most Victorians know that they can shop around and choose their energy retailer. However, switching is much more complicated for customers in embedded networks.

The process for switching to a different retailer for your electricity costs is new, and changing can be complicated.

For more information on the process, see our Switching for Customers in Embedded Networks fact sheet -

The Victorian government made changes to the law to increase consumer protections for customer’s in embedded networks.

Customers in embedded networks now have clearer rights and are able to complain to EWOV if they can’t resolve a problem.

Electricity customers in Victoria have rights about how they buy electricity and how that electricity is supplied to them.

Customers buying electricity in embedded networks have most of the same rights, protections and responsibilities as other customers under the Energy Retail Code of Practice (

Most parts of the Energy Distribution Code of Practice ( also apply to embedded network customers’ rights to do with how their electricity is supplied.

Contact them first and ask to make a complaint. All embedded networks must have a process for handling complaints from customers. If you can’t resolve the problem with your embedded network, contact EWOV.

We can only handle complaints about embedded networks that are members of EWOV. All embedded networks in Victoria must join EWOV, but some have not yet joined.

You can check whether or not your embedded network is a member on the embedded networks page on the our website ( Even if your embedded network isn’t listed as a member, you should still contact us so we can make a record of your complaint and let you know when they join.