Trouble paying a bill


Trouble paying a bill

If you’re having trouble paying a bill – or if you’re experiencing ongoing financial difficulty – there’s help available.

What to do if you can't pay a bill

If you get an energy or water bill that you can’t afford to pay, don’t ignore it – contact your company as soon possible. Explain the situation and ask how they can help.

If you are having more severe or long-term financial problems, ask to speak to someone about the hardship program. All energy and water companies must have a hardship program to help customers who are having a lot of trouble paying bills.   

How your company should help

By law, energy and water companies have to offer help. They might:                                                             

  • give you more time to pay the bill
  • work out a plan to pay over time in instalments you can afford
  • check that you’re receiving government concessions and grants you’re entitled to
  • refer you to a free, independent financial counsellor for advice
  • give you energy or water efficiency advice to help reduce your bills
  • let you pay bills through Centrepay – smaller fortnightly payments taken directly from Centrelink payments.

How EWOV can help

If you’ve spoken with your company but can't get the assistance you need, call EWOV. We can help you and the company to negotiate an affordable payment plan and other assistance.

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Trouble paying a bill
It is common for customers to have the desire, but not the capacity to pay one or more of their bills in full, by the due date. If this is you or someone you know, check out EWOV’s top tips to ease the stress of the situation and help manage a water or energy debt.

Trouble paying a bill

Concessions and grants

Customers on low incomes can often get concessions [PDF, 808 KB] – government discounts that make your energy and water bills quite a bit cheaper. If you’re entitled to concessions but haven't been receiving them, they can be backdated for up to a year – sometimes longer. If you're not sure if you're receiving your concessions, call your company to check.

If you can’t pay because of a temporary financial crisis, you may be able to get a Victorian Government Utility Relief Grant (URG). The URG is a payment of up to $500 for energy or water bills (including LPG, diesel or petrol, heating oil, firewood or carted water). You apply for the URG through your company, so ask them for information and an application form.