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Our complaints process

We have a clear process for helping to resolve complaints. Some complaints can be resolved quickly while more complex issues can take a bit longer.

  • 1

    Contact your company

    You should try and resolve your complaint with your company first, or attempt to contact them, before coming to us.

  • 2

    Bring the complaint to us

    If you’ve contacted your company and can’t resolve the issue, we’ll usually refer the complaint to a senior person at your company and ask them to contact you about the complaint.

  • 3

    We investigate your complaint

    If your company can’t resolve the complaint, let us know and we can investigate.

  • 4

    You get an outcome

    We help you and the company reach a resolution or we’ll decide on a fair and reasonable outcome to your complaint.

Need help?

Call us for free on 1800 500 509, weekdays from 8.30 am – 5.00 pm, request a call back or start an online complaint.

Not having power for two days was really tough

Chanelle* lost power for two days because of a storm. A lot of food spoilt in her fridge and she wanted help.

*names have been changed

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I missed out on the pay-on-time discount

Leaks at Arun’s* property led to high gas bills and missing pay-on-time discounts.

*names have been changed

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My meter was underground. How could I check my usage?

Tony’s* water bill was more than $3,000. The problem was he didn’t know there was a leak or where his meter was.

*names have been changed

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