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Need help paying water bills?

We’re the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria, also known as EWOV. We're a free and independent dispute resolution body for Victorian energy and water customers.

If you can’t pay a bill, call your energy or water company straight away.

Whether it’s a one off, an ongoing issue or you just need more time.

The company must help you. They should start by giving you an extension or the option of paying the bill in installments.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Centrepay, takes a regular amount from your fortnightly Centrelink payment before you receive it.
  • A payment card, like Easypay or Easyway, for regular payments at the post office.
  • Or, a direct debit, for a certain amount from your bank account at regular intervals.

You must pay the installments when due. Contact the company immediately if you’re having trouble.

If you can’t come to a satisfactory payment arrangement, we can help.

Your company can also help by giving you:

  • Information on free financial counseling
  • Advice on energy or water efficiency to help you understand what you’re using. They may also offer a home energy audit.
  • Advice on government grants, like the Utility Relief Grant
  • And advice on government concessions.

If you have a concession card, make sure you give the details to the company. The name on the card must match the name of the account holder.

There’s useful advice about managing your money at

To learn more give us a call or visit our website,

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