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The three requests Edet’s* electrician made for a new electricity connection all failed. We investigated what went wrong.

Edet was unhappy with his distribution company after his new electricity connection was delayed a number of times. The distribution company owns and manages the poles and wires in an electricity network. Edet’s electrician submitted the required forms through his retailer, which is the company that sends bills. The forms are a Certificate of Electrical Safety and an Electrical Works Request. To complete a new connection, a retailer needs to submit these forms and raise a service order with the distribution company.

The distribution company cancelled the first request. This was because the incorrect service order was used. It cancelled two further job requests due to administration errors. It finished the new connection only after a number of lengthy delays.

We carefully looked at the requests Edet made. We created a timeline so we could see what administrative delays led to the connection delay. We helped the distribution company complete the work quickly by making sure it got the correct information and we also helped it understand what went wrong.

Following our assistance, the distribution company completed the new connection. It apologised for the delay and its errors. It offered $400 to recognise the inconvenience Edet experienced. It also refunded two truck visit fees that totalled nearly $420 and $180 in generator fuel. It also gave Edet a direct phone number in case he had any further problems.

Case number: 2018/7346

*Names have been changed

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