Real Time Resolutions (July 2017)

During the first half of this year, EWOV began to wind down the Real Time Resolution (RTR) process as a case handling option to resolve customer complaints.

EWOV implemented RTR in 2012 to help us efficiently manage a large influx of complaints that were not being resolved as Assisted Referrals, but appeared to us to be reasonably simple to resolve. We created RTR as a quick process that involved immediate intervention from EWOV to find a fair and reasonable resolution for these complaints after the Assisted Referral had failed, without embarking on an Investigation.

Since the peak in case volumes in 2013−14, complaints to EWOV have rapidly declined, and along with them the number of failed Assisted Referrals that were suitable for a RTR. Additionally, the types of complaints that made the RTR process so effective are no longer as common.

As a consequence, EWOV has now formally closed down the RTR process. This means that if a complaint we receive is complex; has had multiple contacts with the company; or involves a disconnection or a long history of issues with the energy or water company; we may skip the Assisted Referral process and lodge an Investigation. In addition, if a customer re-contacts EWOV after an Assisted Referral has been lodged and remains dissatisfied, an Investigation will likely be raised.

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