Get a $50 Government Bonus (October 2018)

It pays to shop around… in this case $50!

There’s a better way to save

It’s common to hear about the importance of shopping around to get the best deal, and energy is no different.  

It is important to review and compare energy offers every now and then to make sure you are getting the deal that works best for you and your home. One of the most efficient ways to compare offers is to look at online comparison sites, but not all are equal. Most are privately owned, show a small percentage of offers, get commission for your transfer and can have hidden fees.

But there is one that stands out – Victorian Energy Compare.

How to find the best deal online?

The Victorian Government online comparator Victorian Energy Compare is independent and easy to use. It lets you compare all electricity and gas offers side-by-side.

Special Offer

Right now as an extra bonus, this site is offering $50 to each customer who compares their energy offers by 31 December 2018. To be eligible you must:

  1.   have a residential electricity bill
  2.   be the account holder for that bill
  3.   be able to receive your bonus payment via mail at the address of your energy service.

If you think you are eligible, just grab your electricity bill and head over to and take a moment to enter some details about your property and usage.

These details are required to provide a comparison of offers that will work best for your property and how you use your energy.

A step-by-step of how to compare

  1.   Go to Victorian Energy Compare website:
  2.   Answer the questions about the account you want to compare:
    1.    energy you want to compare (electricity or gas)
    2.    where you need your energy (home)
    3.    if you have a recent bill
    4.    your current retailer
    5.    your postcode
    6.    if you receive an energy concession
    7.    if you have a Smart Meter data file
    8.    if there are solar panels at the property
  3.   Enter information about usage at your property, for example, the number of people in the home, rooms and if gas       connected, the type of heating/cooling and hot water present at the property.
  4.   Enter the date range for the billing period and average daily usage (this can be found on your bill and is highlighted in    the below image).
  5.   Look at the offers provided, compare a couple and check the fine print before switching.
  6.   You might want to call your current retailer first and see if it can better or match the best deals you found.

To receive your $50 rebate

  1.   Once you’ve gone through this comparison process there is a green button on the top right of the screen to collect    your $50 (shown in below image)

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