A bundle of changes (May 2017)

You’ve just brought your new baby home from the hospital and suddenly life is very different.

You’re home a lot more, you need to keep the house at a controlled temperature and what’s with all the extra washing – how many clothes can one baby wear?

These are just some of the changes that you may notice have an impact on your next electricity, gas or water bill after your baby’s arrival. Because you may also experience a change of circumstances – being on paid or unpaid parental leave – you may also notice that you have less income to pay these household bills.

If you get a higher than expected bill that you are struggling to pay, you can ask the energy or water company for a payment extension or payment plan and it must help you. If you think your bill is not right, you can ask your company to check it again. If you are not happy with the help offered you can call EWOV for further assistance.

If you think you can change some of the ways you use your electricity, gas or water, we also have a few tips from Sustainability Victoria to help you have a smoother transition:

  1. Use door snakes and close blinds/curtains to keep the heat in or cold out.
  2. Set your heating thermostat to 18-20ºC and the air-conditioner to 24-26ºC.
  3. Wash clothes (where possible) in cold water and dry them on a clothes rack not in the dryer.
  4. Check you are getting the best energy deal possible at the Victorian Energy Compare.

You can download our new Bundle of Changes poster or request a printed version using our resources request form.

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