Follow up on a complaint

You can contact us to follow up on a failed Assisted Referral or a complaint that’s already being investigated.

Follow up on a failed Assisted Referral

We try to resolve most complaints initially by referring you back to a more senior contact at your company. This is called an Assisted Referral, and usually it’s enough to resolve the complaint.

But if your company doesn’t contact you, or if you’re not happy with their response, it’s important to let us know. We don’t automatically follow up on Assisted Referrals, so it’s your responsibility to contact us if it doesn’t work. Once you do, we’ll investigate and help you and the company to agree on a resolution.

To follow up, call us on 1800 500 509 and quote the case number from our letter or email to you. You can also follow up by sending an email to

Follow up on an Investigation

Contact your Conciliator directly if you would like to discuss a complaint of yours that is already being investigated. Alternatively, call 1800 500 509 and ask to be transferred. If you don't know your conciliator's email address, please send an email to