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Start a complaint

We can take complaints about all electricity, gas and water companies that operate in Victoria and are members of our scheme. This includes complaints about embedded networks.

We can take complaints or answer questions about most electricity, gas and water billing issues, including:

We can take complaints or answer questions about a number of electricity, gas and water service issues, including:

There are some issues that we can't take complaints about. These include:

  • solar complaints related to solar retailers and solar panel installation companies
  • energy and water prices and tariffs and how they are set (although we can help if a price is applied incorrectly)
  • Government policies, legislation, licences and codes and anything specifically required by law
  • complaints that are being (or have been) considered in court
  • customer contributions to the cost of capital works
  • a company's commercial activities outside of energy or water
  • events beyond the company's reasonable control
  • actions a company is directed to take to maintain security or reliability.

We have more information about complaints we can and cannot take in our Charter.