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About us

EWOV is a not for profit, independent and impartial dispute resolution service for customers with complaints relating to energy and water within Victoria. Our investigation process is free, accessible and informal.

We use alternative disputes resolution processes to resolve disputes. We’re required to comply with obligations relating to independence and fairness in our Charter and in the Commonwealth Benchmarks for Industry-based Customer Dispute Resolution. We aim to make fair and reasonable decisions, taking into account the circumstances of the case.

Independence is a key part of our investigation process. In practice, we demonstrate independence by:

  • following the principles of ‘natural justice’ or fair hearing
  • allowing each party a fair opportunity to explain their perspective
  • allowing each party equal opportunity to provide any further information that may be relevant to our investigation
  • not pre-judging a customer, company or situation
  • avoiding personal conflicts of interest
  • avoiding deliberate withholding of information provided to EWOV so that one party can obtain a better outcome.

We’re committed to investigating complaints in a fair and reasonable manner. In order to ensure we deliver on this commitment, we follow a Fair and Reasonable Investigation Framework. The framework provides structured, objective criteria to help guide consistent case handling and outcomes flowing from a reasoned and logical approach. Assessing a customer or provider’s position, expectations and offer against this type of framework enables us to more easily identify and assess what is fair and reasonable in the circumstances, as well as providing a structure for us to be able to explain why we hold a particular view in an individual complaint.

Included in the Framework are six key categories that we will often consider when investigating and accessing what is fair and reasonable.

We will determine which aspects of the Framework are required for each Investigation on a case-by-case basis. Although we often use most or all of the categories when investigating an individual complaint, sometimes particular aspects or categories of the Framework are not relevant. In other cases, individual complaints may require us to consider aspects or elements outside of the Framework. Where a complaint has individual characteristics or needs not sufficiently covered by the Framework, we will consider any other relevant aspects on a case-by-case basis.