Complaints we can and can't take

We can help to resolve most disputes between customers (including business customers) and electricity, gas and water companies in Victoria. We can also take complaints from people who aren't customers of the company but are directly affected by its actions.

Who we can take complaints about

EWOV can take complaints about all electricity, gas and water companies that operate in Victoria and are members of our scheme. From 1 July 2018, we can take complaints about embedded networks.

Issues we can take complaints about

We can take complaints or answer enquiries about most issues to do with energy and water, including:

  • billing and payment arrangements
  • payment difficulties and financial hardship
  • debt collection and credit default listings
  • energy disconnection and water restriction for non-payment
  • transfer from one energy company to another
  • the connection to and provision of the energy or water service
  • the energy or water supply, including issues such as water quality and outages
  • customer service
  • marketing
  • infrastructure such as meters, poles, wires and pipes
  • energy and water company activities that affect a customer's land
  • embedded networks.

Issues we can't take complaints about

There are some issues that we can't take complaints about. These include:

  • energy and water prices and tariffs and how they are set (although we can help if a price is applied incorrectly)
  • Government policies, legislation, licences and codes and anything specifically required by law
  • complaints that are being (or have been) considered in court
  • customer contributions to the cost of capital works
  • a company's commercial activities outside of energy or water
  • events beyond the company's reasonable control
  • actions a company is directed to take to maintain security or reliability.

What we can and can't do – that is, our jurisdiction – is set out in more detail in the EWOV Limited Constitution [PDF, 512 KB] and EWOV Charter (clause 2) [PDF, 425 KB].