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Systemic issues

EWOV’s definition of a systemic issue is a problem with, or change in, a scheme participant’s policy, practice or conduct that adversely affects, or has the potential to adversely affect a number of customers.

In accordance with the Electricity Industry Act, the Gas Industry Act, EWOV's Charter and EWOV's Memorandum of Understanding with the Essential Services Commission (the Commission), EWOV has the authority to:

  • investigate potential systemic issues;
  • report systemic issues to the Commission; and
  • seek redress for affected consumers.

Our primary aims of responding to systemic issues are to improve consumer and market outcomes by:

  • assisting consumers affected by a systemic issue receiving appropriate redress; and
  • sharing our insights to reduce the likelihood of future complaints arising.

Further details of how EWOV identifies and responds to systemic issues is set out in our Systemic Issue Policy which is available here.