The EWOV process


We’re the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria, also known as EWOV. We're a free and independent dispute resolution body for Victorian energy and water customers.

If you have a complaint, contact your electricity, gas or water company and try to resolve the issue first.

If that doesn’t work, you can raise your matter with us.

In most cases we start by registering an “Assisted Referral” and ask for a senior company employee to investigate your case and contact you directly. 

The company has 3 days to contact you by phone, 5 days in writing and 15 business days to solve the problem with you.

If you don’t hear from them or feel your complaint hasn’t been addressed, it’s important to let us know.

We may then start an Investigation. During an Investigation EWOV gathers all relevant information from you and the company and tries to resolve the complaint.

Most of the complaints we receive are resolved quickly and successfully.

If you’ve been disconnected or restricted, or the issue is particularly complex, we may launch an Investigation straight away.

If we can’t help you we’ll tell you why and refer you to the relevant body.

So if you have an energy or water complaint or enquiry, you can call us, write to us, or complete an online complaint form on our website. Go to for details.

EWOV - Listen. Assist. Resolve.