Retrospective transfer after being transferred without consent (October 2016)

Getting connected and changing energy company
Case Number 2016/15206
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Ms C was dissatisfied after her electricity account had been transferred to an alternative energy retailer without her consent. Ms C said she received telemarketing in June 2016, and did not agree to sign up, only to receive reading material about the offer. She then received a welcome pack from the energy retailer. She called it to cancel the transfer, but was concerned about the approach of the marketer and wanted to report the matter to EWOV. The energy retailer advised it would retrospectively transfer her account back to her preferred energy retailer quickly, but despite several contacts this did not occur. She had since then been sent two bills and did not want to pay any amount to the energy retailer. In order to resolve the matter, she was seeking a retrospective transfer back to her preferred retailer and for all bills issued to be cancelled.

The Investigation

EWOV initially raised an Assisted Referral on 18 July 2016. The energy retailer agreed to retrospectively transfer the account back and would waive the bill (approximately $120), but advised Ms C that it would not occur until November 2016. Ms C was unhappy with the expected timeframe to complete the retrospective transfer and recontacted EWOV. The matter was then escalated to an Investigation on 16 September 2016. During the investigation, the energy retailer confirmed that the retrospective transfer would be complete by the end of September. EWOV checked the national electricity database to confirm that this process had been enacted.

The Outcome

The energy retailer confirmed it retrospectively transferred Ms C’s electricity account on 29 September 2016 back to her preferred energy retailer. This was effective from 6 July 2016 – which meant there was no outstanding billing and all future bills would be issued from Ms C’s preferred energy retailer. It also provided a direct contact in case Ms C had any further queries about the matter. Ms C was satisfied the information provided and the complaint was closed.

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