Customer unhappy with cost to abolish multiple meters at one site (August 2017)

High bills, Billing mistakes, Meters, poles, wires and pipes
Case Number 2017/4744
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Mr S contacted EWOV, dissatisfied with the charges applied by his electricity distributor. He had submitted an abolishment request for three meters at three units and was told the cost would be nearly $1,000 per meter for removal. He felt that this cost was too high and contacted the distributor but was told that this was correct. Dissatisfied with the distributor’s response, Mr S called EWOV. In order to resolve the matter, Mr S wanted the distributor to only charge him once - given all meters were on the same site.

The Investigation

When Mr S contacted EWOV an Assisted Referral was lodged with the distributor, requiring a higher-level representative to contact him directly. We escalated the matter to an Investigation after Mr S recontacted EWOV dissatisfied again with the distributor’s response.

To check the details of the site (and to confirm the three properties were all units on the one block) EWOV completed a Nearmaps search. The distributor advised EWOV during the Investigation that it had not received a formal abolishment request from Mr S. EWOV also liaised with the distributor to confirm the most appropriate method of submitting multiple abolishment requests. It suggested he either submit the form via the retailer and the charges will be passed on, or he could submit a direct request to it and it would provide a formal quote. It advised any quote provided covers the truck’s attendance, the removal of the meter and the administration fees that go along with abolishing meters on site. The distributor said once the formal request was submitted it would offer a discount for removing multiple meters on the site from $288 to $233 per meter as a customer service gesture. 

The Outcome

Mr S was satisfied with the discount offer in response to his complaint and agreed to submit the form directly to the distributor - the case was closed.

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