Customer seeks compensation for delays connecting a new property over the Christmas period (August 2017)

Getting connected and changing energy company
Case Number 2017/8401 and 2016/29713
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Mr M contacted EWOV dissatisfied because of a delay with a new connection by his gas distributor. He had applied for the new connection in October 2016 and was told it would be completed by 1 December 2016. When this did not happen, he called his gas retailer and was advised that the distributor would complete the works by Christmas 2016. However, this did not happen with the new connection finally installed in January 2017. When Mr M followed up with the retailer seeking an explanation, he was told that the delay was caused by the distributor’s high workload. Dissatisfied with the financial impact that the delay had caused him, Mr M called the distributor directly in March 2017 to discuss his concerns, but received no response other than an acknowledgement of the complaint. Frustrated Mr M contacted EWOV explaining that in order to resolve the matter, he wanted financial recognition of $1,200 for the inconvenience it had caused him.

The Investigation

When Mr M contacted EWOV an Assisted Referral was lodged with the distributor and retailer, requiring higher-level representatives at each company to contact him directly. However, Mr H recontacted EWOV and told us he had not received contact from the distributor, and that he remained dissatisfied with the retailer’s response. As a consequence we opened an Investigation into the case.

During the investigation EWOV requested that Mr M provide proof of his out-of-pocket expenses that he was seeking. We also sought confirmation that the works were completed and the reasons behind the delay. The retailer confirmed installation on 24 January 2017, and explained that the works had not been completed due to a high distributor workload over the Christmas period. The distributor acknowledged the poor customer service that the customer had received, and was agreeable to providing Mr M with compensation as a result.

The Outcome

Based on the substantiation provided, and in acknowledging of the delay, the distributor agreed to provide Mr M with a credit of $1,248. Mr M was satisfied with financial credit and the information that the distributor and retailer had provided. The case was closed.

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Getting connected and changing energy company
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