A customer contacts EWOV after receiving a higher than expected estimated bulk hot water bill (September 2012)

Energy disconnection and water restriction, High bills, Billing mistakes, Meters, poles, wires and pipes
Case Number 2012/21160
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Ms M was unhappy with her energy retailer after receiving an imminent disconnection notice for a higher than expected bulk hot water bill. The notice included an unpaid amount of $163 that she believed was higher than usual because she was the sole occupant in a one bedroom unit.

The Investigation

Ms M contact EWOV and an Assisted Referral was raised to a higher level contact with her retailer. The retailer claimed that Ms M did not provide access to the meter. Ms M however believes that her body corporate had already provided the code for the lock to access the key for the meter.

Unfortunately the case was not resolved at the Assisted Referral level and as a result an Investigation was raised. As part of the Investigation, EWOV arranged for the bill to be reissued and recalculated after a special meter read request and sought an explanation as to why the previous bills were estimated.

EWOV’s investigation found that most of the retailer’s bills were estimated accurately. However, the estimated meter reading on the latest bill showed that Ms M was overcharged for 43,130L (4,313 x 10 = 43,130L) for a 3 month billing (about 56L per day). This equated to $392 (43,130L x $0.0091).

The Outcome

The retailer apologised for the inconvenience after EWOV’s Investigation found it was overcharging on the estimated reads. The retailer also advised that the whole building was experiencing long term estimated meter read issues, but this had now been resolved by the body corporate by providing access to the meter. The retailer applied a $200 credit to Ms M’s account in recognition of the inconvenience and waived the overcharged amount. 

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