A customer asks to be re-billed after his Premium Feed-In Tariff is not applied (September 2017)

Billing mistakes
Case Number Case number: 2017/11163
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Mr G had been receiving the Premium Feed-in Tariff (PFiT) until 5 December 2015, when his Smart Meter was installed. From then until 6 October 2016, his bills showed that only a Standard Feed-in Tariff had been applied. Mr G had contacted his retailer multiple times and had been told that the error would be corrected, however, he continued to receive bills without the PFiT. Mr G was also concerned that his latest bill did not show his new Pay on Time Discount.

Mr G contacted EWOV, asking that his retailer resolve the complaint by applying the discount and the PFiT, and that it credit him the amount he should have received under the PFiT from December 2015 to October 2016. We raised an Assisted Referral, and the retailer adjusted Mr G’s account. However, Mr G returned to EWOV, concerned that his retailer’s adjustment was not correct. We raised an Investigation to check the adjustment calculations.

The Investigation

The retailer explained to EWOV’s conciliator that because the PFiT had not been applied for almost a year, it couldn’t re-issue all of the relevant bills. Instead, it had calculated the difference for the period and applied this to Mr G’s account as an adjustment. This had not been explained clearly to Mr G.

 EWOV reviewed Mr G’s usage and billing from 5 December 2015 to 6 October 2016. The conciliator noted that each bill during this period had been cancelled and reissued two or three times. Even after the rebilling, the customer’s latest bill, which covered the period to 24 February 2017, was incorrect. EWOV calculated the difference between what Mr G had paid and what he should have paid had the PFiT been correctly applied. These calculations confirmed that the total difference was $450.46, slightly less than the $451.13 credit that the retailer had applied after the Assisted Referral. We gave Mr G a copy of the calculations showing how the amount had been arrived at.


The Outcome

The retailer acknowledged that it had cancelled and reissued bills a number of times, and apologised for the inconvenience this had caused. It also explained that the Pay on Time Discount would come into effect after the cooling-off period, and would appear on Mr G’s next bill. Mr G was satisfied with this information and with EWOV’s confirmation and explanation of the billing adjustment, so the case was closed. 

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