What are my rights?

The Victorian government changed the law so embedded network customers have most of the same rights, protections and responsibilities as other electricity customers.

This means that your embedded network must sell and supply your electricity in line with its obligations under the Energy Retail Code and the Electricity Distribution Code.

Your embedded network’s obligations include:

  • billing, including what needs to be included on bills, frequency of bills, payment methods, undercharging and overcharging, additional retail charges and merchant fees
  • payment difficulties assistance and payment plan options if you're struggling to pay your electricity bills
  • what needs to be included on reminder notices and disconnection warnings
  • when and how your embedded network can and cannot disconnect your electricity, and
  • life support equipment requirements.

How much can I be charged?

Pricing arrangements for embedded network customers are very complicated.  If you think you’re being charged too much, please contact your electricity provider and ask if you’re being charged the within the maximum embedded network pricing.  If you’re not satisfied with their response or still have questions, please contact EWOV and we can make sure the rates you’re paying comply with government rules.

If you live in a caravan park….

Long-term or permanent residents (and those with permanent sites) should discuss with their caravan park or site management whether charging to the maximum level is appropriate for their circumstances. There is no requirement to charge at the maximum level in all circumstances. Caravan park residents covered by the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 have protections relating to pricing, including eligibility for tariff concessions.