Can I switch to a different company?

While customers in embedded networks have the right to switch to a different company, in practice, there are still barriers to switching. This fact sheet explains some of the issues.

Before you call EWOV -

Talk to your embedded network:

  • Tell them you want to switch.
  • Ask what your metering options are.
  • Ask who the embedded network manager is.
  • Ask what network charges you would need to continue paying if you switch.

Talk to electricity retailers:

  • Contact your preferred retailer(s).
  • Explain that you are in an embedded network and want to switch.
  • Ask if they will give you an energy-only offer.

How EWOV can help

If you can’t sort out the problem with your embedded network directly, contact EWOV. We will look at the steps that you, your embedded network and your chosen retailer have taken to try to enable switching, and help work out the next steps to take.

We can't guarantee you'll be able to switch, and EWOV is aware that some embedded network customers have tried to switch but couldn’t find any retailers that would make contracts available. However, we can ensure your embedded network is doing its part.