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2018 Annual Report Video summary

EWOV received 34,524 cases in 2017-18—an increase of 8% from last year.

From record levels four years ago, case volumes have fallen and remain relatively stable.

Energy and water companies have been doing a better job handling relatively straightforward complaints - however, a lot of customers still needed EWOV's help to get their complaint resolved.

Over the 2017/2018 period:

  • Electricity cases were up 11%.
  • Gas cases were up 7%.
  • Water cases were down 8%.

The most common complaints were about billing and credit.

High bills were the top issue overall—87% about energy, followed by disconnection or restriction for arrears—97% about energy; and debt collection or credit default listing—96% about energy.

Affordability is a continuing concern.

One in three customers contacted us worried about being able to pay for their energy or water.

The average arrears in our residential complaint investigations was $2,698, up from $2,521.

473 residential customers contacted us with arrears of over $3,000.

We have also seen a 41% increase in provision cases.

Provision is about the connection of a property to the energy or water network.

'New connection' cases more than doubled—to make it the fourth biggest issue overall.

'Existing connection' cases were up 9%—making it the fifth biggest issue overall.

98% of provision cases were lodged by energy customers.

EWOV's 2018 Annual Report is on our website at It also includes:

  • case studies
  • cases for industry sectors and individual energy and water companies
  • our performance against key performance indicators
  • information on our new embedded network jurisdiction from July 2018.