High bills

Do you have a high water bill?

Reading your bill


High bills

We get lots of complaints from customers about electricity, gas and water bills that are higher than what they expected. 

Reasons for a high energy or water bill

There are many reasons why a bill can be unusually high. For example:

  • the bill includes charges from an earlier bill that you didn’t pay
  • the water bill [PDF, 377 KB] includes the annual Parks charge
  • your concessions [PDF, 748 KB] or discounts weren’t included
  • the price increased
  • you used more electricity, gas or water than usual – maybe because of guests, winter heating, or a new appliance
  • you have a water leak or a faulty appliance that is wasting water or power
  • your meter was changed and the old meter was under-recording how much you used
  • the company estimated how much electricity, gas or water you used, and its estimate was too high.

What to do if you think your bill is wrong

Contact the company and ask them to check your bill.

If you aren’t happy with their response, call EWOV. We can’t always find the cause of a high bill, but we can do things like checking that your meter is correctly recording your use and that your bill matches the information from your meter. 

Even if you think there is a mistake on your bill, you should pay the part of the bill that you think you owe.

If you can’t afford to pay the bill, ring the company straight away and ask how they can help.

Read, download and print: simple fact sheets about high bills

Fact Sheet 1

High energy bills

High bills
Information to help residential customers understand why they may have received a bill that is higher than usual
Fact Sheet 2

High water bills

High bills
Information about higher than expected water bills for residential customers

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High bills

What to do if you think your meter isn’t working properly

If you think that your meter isn’t recording your use correctly, you can ask your company to test it. If there is a problem with the meter, the company should arrange for it to be fixed and correct any errors on your bill. However, if the meter is working properly, you may have to pay the cost of the meter test. Usually, the meter is working correctly, so before you ask for a meter test, check for other things that might have caused the high bill.