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Getting started

Please note: After completion of this form, we may share your details and the nature of your complaint with your company as part of our complaints process.

Have you contacted EWOV about this issue before?
Would you like EWOV to contact you to discuss this further?

Thank you for providing us with an update. We will review the information.

Have you contacted the company about this issue within the last 12 months?
Generally you need to try and resolve your complaint with your company first. It’s part of our process and helps give the company a chance to resolve your complaint before we become involved.
Is the complaint about a property in Victoria?

Please contact the Ombudsman in your state or territory that deals with energy and water disputes: Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW / Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland / Energy & Water Ombudsman South Australia / Energy Ombudsman Tasmania / Energy and Water Ombudsman Western Australia / ACT Civil & Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) / Ombudsman NT.

Which service is your complaint about?
Has the service been disconnected or restricted at the supply address?

If you are making this complaint during office hours, please call us on 1800 500 509 so that we can assist with reconnection of the supply as soon as possible.