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EWOV will be closed from 4 pm Tuesday 25 June 2024 to 8.30 am Wednesday 26 June 2024.

If your electricity gas or water has been disconnected or restricted, please refer to the emergency contact number noted on your bill‌.

Disconnection and restriction

We’re the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria, also known as EWOV. We are a free and independent dispute resolution body for Victorian energy and water customers.

If you haven’t paid your bills, your energy company may disconnect your supply as a last resort.

For health reasons, your water company can’t cut you off but they may restrict your water supply.

If you haven’t paid on time, they must send you a disconnection notice or a restriction letter. This must include EWOV’s contact details.

Don’t ignore letters to ‘The Occupier’ or you risk being cut off, and ask the company why you’re not on the account.

If you’ve been disconnected and can’t reach an agreement to get your supply back on, contact EWOV. In most cases companies will reconnect or derestrict your property once you’ve registered a complaint with us.

For safety reasons, the mains switch needs to be turned off before your electricity is reconnected.

Energy and water companies can’t disconnect or restrict you:

  • on a Friday, weekend or public holiday
  • or, before 8 am or after 2 pm (3 pm for a business)
  • or, if someone in your home is on life support
  • or, if you have a complaint with EWOV
  • or, if you’ve applied for a Utility Relief Grant
  • or you owe less than the minimum amount.

Water can’t be restricted on a total fire ban day and your energy can’t be cut off between December twentieth and thirty first.

To learn more give us a call or visit our website,

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