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Debt collection

We’re the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria, also known as EWOV. We're a free and independent dispute resolution body for Victorian energy and water customers.

If you don’t pay your energy or water bill, your account may be passed on to a collections department, agency or credit reporting body.

But there are rules companies must follow for debt collection or when listing a default on a credit file.

They outline how collectors must behave, when and how often they can contact you and the type of contact.

For example, a debt collector can’t call you more than three times a week or on a national public holiday.

With credit reporting, the company must tell you if a default is about to be lodged on your file.

Only amounts of one hundred and fifty dollars or over can be listed and if proper process isn’t followed the listing could be removed.

But take note, the rules differ for listings before March twelve, 2014.

You’re entitled to a free copy of your credit report:

  • once a year,
  • if you’ve been refused credit in the last 90 days,
  • or if asking for your file to be corrected.

If you have a complaint about collections or a default listing, we can help. But first, contact your energy or water company or their agent directly.

Keep a record of who you spoke to, what they agreed to do and when. You should also keep copies of any letters, emails or text messages.

To learn more give us a call or visit our website,

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