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Installing solar panels is a big decision, so it’s important to be well informed before going ahead.

Your installer, electricity retailer, distributor and you all have a part to play.

Assumptions that you’ll get paid by your electricity company, never receive another bill, or that all government rebates are ending, are just some of the misconceptions about solar.

You’ll be billed for electricity you take from the grid, and only get paid for the excess power put back in, not for the electricity used in your own home.

There are also a number of costs involved, including the price of the solar system, meter configuration fees, safety checks and changes to your electricity tariffs.

There are several stages to the application process and sometimes things go wrong.

Ask your solar installer for a checklist of the forms and certificates you need. We recommend checking your electricity retailer has received these and raised the right service order with your distributor.

EWOV can help with issues connected to the retailer or distributor, like:

Billing or tariff concerns, meter configuration problems, solar feed-in credits and the application process.

But for problems with a private installer – you need to contact Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Clean Energy Council.

And we can’t help with the buy back rate for solar feed-in tariffs, it’s set annually, by the Essential Services Commission.

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