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Changing your energy or water account following the death of a partner (August 2016)

Billing mistakes
There are so many battles to face following the death of a spouse or partner, that one of the last things people will often want to tackle is the updating of the account details of their household energy and water accounts if they were in their partner’s name. This can often be more challenging than expected for a number of reasons.
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Energy marketing and consumer rights (July 2016)

Getting connected and changing energy company
Switching retailers is up to you. Find out what (and what not) to do.
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Take 15 minutes to check for a water leak (June 2016)

High bills, Meters, poles, wires and pipes
Checking and repairing water leaks not only saves water but can also save you money on your water bill.
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How to avoid bill shock and stay warm and safe this winter (May 2016)

High bills
Stay warm this winter without bill shock by trying a few of our common sense tips and tricks.
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What to do if your Assisted Referral fails (April 2016)

When your Assisted Referral fails, EWOV can still help you achieve a fair and reasonable outcome.
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Moving into a new property (March 2016)

Getting connected and changing energy company
Moving in and out: setting up and closing energy and water accounts, comparing offers, ‘dear occupier’ notices and what can go wrong.
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Life support appliance reliant customers (February 2016)

Energy disconnection and water restriction, Outages, brownouts and power surges
Customers reliant on life support should contact their energy retailer and local electricity distributor to advise them of this. This way, they can work with the customer to provide advice and information about what to do in the event of a planned or unplanned power outage.
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Victorian energy laws changes (January 2016)

Energy disconnection and water restriction
This Hot Topic provides a summary of the key changes to Victorian energy consumer protections and links to the Essential Services Commission (ESC)’s resources.
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Credit reporting (December 2015)

Debt collection and credit default listings
Being pursued for debt is incredibly unsettling, but it's vitally important that you do not ignore attempts to contact you by debt collectors — even if you believe there has been a mistake — as ignoring this can result in a credit default being placed against your name.
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Stay cool over summer - energy efficiency (November 2015)

High bills, Billing mistakes
Summer is well and truly on its way, so now's a good time to think about how to keep your home cool without breaking the bank.