Understanding your water bill (February 2015)

Not all water bills look the same, but regardless, each bill must include certain information as legislated by the Victorian Water Act.

What every water bill must include

  • the postal address (this may be different to the supply address) ①
  • contact details to make an enquiry with the water corporation, and a 24 hour emergency phone number ②
  • the bill issue date ③
  • the water supply address (where the usage is consumed) ④
  • the account number ⑤
  • the date the bill payment is due ⑥
  • the amount to pay ⑦
  • the total of any amounts paid since the last bill ⑧
  • any amount outstanding from the last bill ⑨
  • the average daily rate of water used at the property for the billing period ⑩
  • the date the meter was read, or a clear notice stating that the reading was an estimate ⑪
  • if the water corporation intends to charge interest on outstanding amounts, there must be a clear statement of the rate of interest and from what date it will be applied ⑫
  • the ways in which the bill can be paid (e.g. Centrepay, BPAY, Direct Debit) ⑬
  • information about the help available to customers who are having difficulty paying their bill ⑭
  • information on concessions that the customer may be entitled to ⑮
  • contact details for interpreter services ⑯

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