Connection delay (May 2018)

Since the start of 2018, EWOV has received more than 1,300 complaints about delay in activating new or existing energy connections. This is an increase on around 500 complaints recorded about the same issue during the same period in 2017.

It is important to set up your energy accounts well in advance of moving into a property. Arranging for connection of your gas or electricity will depend on whether you need a first-time connection, to change an existing connection, or to arrange for the existing connection to be transferred to you.

Setting up your energy connections

If you are moving to a new property without an existing connection, or if you need to change your existing connection (for example, by moving it or increasing its capacity) you can contact your energy retailer or distributor, electrical contractor or gas fitter. Electricity distributors own and manage the power poles and wires that deliver power to homes and businesses across Victoria. Your electricity distributor depends on where you live - you cannot choose your distribution company. There are five electricity distributors in Victoria; each is responsible for a separate geographic region of Victoria. If you are not sure who your electricity distributor is, you can find out using the Victorian Environment, Land, Water and Planning website by entering in your street address.

If you are moving into an existing property that is already connected to the energy network, your connection will be arranged when you contact your retailer to set up your contract and account with them. You may be charged a fee for this. You should ask your retailer about this when you speak to them. If you need more information to help you choose a retailer, the Victorian Government’s Victorian Energy Compare website has useful energy tools and an independent price comparator.

Possible problems and how EWOV can help

There are guidelines under the industry codes of practice around the maximum time frame for the connection of a new or existing electricity and gas service:

  • your electricity distributor must perform a new electricity connection within 10 business days of receiving all necessary paperwork and certificates (usually from your electrician)
  • your gas distributor has up to 20 business days to perform a new gas connection—from receiving all paperwork and certificates (usually from your plumber), unless an earlier date is agreed
  • your electricity or gas distributor must use its best endeavours to activate an existing electricity or gas connection within one business day of receiving all the necessary information from your retailer (by 3pm).

Whether it is a connection to a new property or to an existing property, supply connection and disconnection involve a number of inter-related processes. Sometimes there are problems with the transfer of your account from your old property to your new property, or with establishing a new account with a new retailer. If your electricity or gas transfer is delayed, the industry codes also require your retailer to advise you within five days of becoming aware the transfer has not occurred.

You can call us or lodge an online complaint if you have a complaint about delay in connecting your energy services. To learn more, read our fact sheets on energy service orders and moving in and out of a property.

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