While overseas, a customer has a default listed for an old sharehouse (August 2017)

Debt collection and credit default listings
Case Number 2017/13461
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

When Mr P applied for a loan in 2017, he discovered that he had a default listed on his credit file. The default of $536.00 was for a water account at a sharehouse he had lived in years earlier. Thinking that the account was in his housemate's name, Mr P had moved out of the sharehouse, and wasn't aware that a default had been listed. He contacted the water company to pay the debt and ask that the default be removed. However, the company said it wouldn't remove the default.

When Mr P contacted EWOV, we raised an Assisted Referral. The company contacted Mr P but said it still wasn't willing to remove the default listing. Mr P returned to EWOV dissatisfied with the company's response, and we raised an Investigation. 

The Investigation

Mr P said that he had been overseas when the default was listed in 2015, so he hadn't been aware of it. When EWOV's conciliator discussed this with the company, it said that it would agree to remove the default listing if the customer paid the full amount owing and provided evidence showing that he was overseas when the listing was made.

The Outcome

Mr P was satisfied with the company's proposed resolution. He paid the outstanding amount and provided a copy of his visa, which showed that he had been overseas during 2015. The retailer confirmed that it would remove the default listing and the case was closed.

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