Ms G’s gas is disconnected after her retailer of choice is unable to obtain billing rights to her property (August 2016)

Getting connected and changing energy company
Case Number 2016/16899
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Ms G moved into a new property in May 2016 and contacted an energy retailer to establish a gas account. Soon after in August 2016, her gas supply was disconnected. She had not yet received a gas bill from her retailer so she contacted it to ask why her supply had been disconnected. Ms G was advised by the retailer that it had been unsuccessful in obtaining her gas billing rights as a different energy company held exclusive billing rights for the properties in her area. Ms G was dissatisfied that she had not been contacted by the retailer and informed of this and called the disconnecting retailer to follow up the matter further. Ms G was advised by the disconnecting retailer that it held billing rights for her property and it would need a copy of her lease agreement to prove the date on which she moved in so that it could reconnect her gas supply. Ms G was not able to provide this at the time and, as it was a Friday afternoon, she contacted EWOV hoping for assistance and a reconnection of her supply.

The Investigation

As Ms G was without gas supply and she had made several attempts to get reconnected with the two retailers EWOV raised an Investigation and contacted the disconnecting retailer to request the reconnection of Ms G’s gas supply.   However, as Ms G had contacted EWOV late on a Friday afternoon, the retailer was unable to raise a request with the gas distributor to have the supply reconnected straight away. This unfortunately meant that Ms G remained without gas supply for the weekend. The disconnecting retailer advised EWOV that the gas had been disconnected as it had identified consumption at the property but did not have an account established. Ms G was dissatisfied that she was not able to nominate a retailer of her choice but understood that she must establish an account with this retailer. EWOV also raised a Wrongful Disconnection Payment (WDP) assessment to asses if the disconnecting retailer had followed all necessary steps prior to disconnecting Ms G’s gas supply. The outcome of the WDP was not known at the time of this case study being published. EWOV monitored the reconnected of Ms G’s supply on the following Monday and she was satisfied to close the Investigation on the basis that her supply was reconnected and an account had been established for the correct connection dates.

The Outcome

Ms G was later provided, in writing, with confirmation that an account had been established in her name only for the time which she had lived at the property. The disconnecting retailer offered an apology for the inconvenience the matter had caused and provided a direct contact number should there be any issues in the future.

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