Mrs B’s quarterly electricity bill is delayed, causing concern (August 2016)

Delayed and catch-up bills
Case Number 2016/15256
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Mrs B contacted her electricity company after she did not receive her electricity bill for the April to June quarter on time. Mrs B was aware that a meter reading had taken place at her property in early June and became concerned when she had still not received a bill by mid-July. The energy retailer advised her that it was waiting to receive the meter data from the distributor before it could generate a bill and would issue one to her shortly. Mrs B contacted EWOV after she had still not received one several weeks later.

The Investigation

EWOV raised an Assisted Referral and requested that an escalated member of staff from the retailer contact Mrs B to provide an explanation for the delayed bill and some indication of when it would be issued. Mrs B contacted EWOV again after she had received several missed calls which she had been unsuccessful in returning (as there was no option to leave a voicemail). EWOV referred the case to the Real Time Resolution team where an EWOV Conciliator attempted to contact an escalated team member at the electricity retailer to resolve the matter. EWOV did not receive a response to this request so the matter was escalated to an Investigation and Mrs B was assigned a Conciliator to manage the remainder of her complaint.

Mrs B contacted EWOV to say that she had received a letter in the mail stating that her previous five bills were incorrect and would be cancelled and re-issued – Mrs B was confused by this and did not see how it was connected to the delayed bill. EWOV requested that the electricity retailer provide an explanation for the delayed bill, an up-to-date account balance and explanation for the letter that Mrs B had received. 

The Outcome

The retailer apologised for the inconvenience and confusion that Mrs B had experienced and advised that the letter regarding the previous five bills was sent in error due to a system fault, and that this was to be disregarded completely. The retailer advised that the reason for the delayed bill was due to a delay in it obtaining meter data from the distributor. The retailer applied a credit of $100 to the account as a good will gesture and issued the delayed bill. Mrs B was satisfied with the outcome of the Investigation and thanked EWOV for the assistance.

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