Mr T switched electricity retailers but received an incorrect bill (March 2017)

Getting connected and changing energy company, Billing mistakes
Case Number 2017/436
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Mr T received door-to-door marketing from an energy retailer that offered a peak tariff of 17 cents per kWh. Based on this information and the retailer’s assurance that he would continue to receive the Premium Feed-in Tariff (PFiT) for surplus electricity exported to the grid by his solar panels, he signed up with it. However, when Mr T received his first bill from the energy retailer he noticed that the tariff was actually higher (about 25 cents per kWh) than what he was advised during the marketing. Also, the bill did not include his PFiT credits. He contacted the retailer about the issues but was not able to reach a resolution. Mr T contacted EWOV on 5 January 2017 and an Assisted Referral was raised. However, he was not contacted the retailer when it said it would update him. When Mr T re-contacted EWOV on 30 January 2017, EWOV raised an Investigation.

The Investigation

As part of the Investigation, EWOV requested documents including Mr T’s contract, billing history and contact notes. The retailer advised that the marketer may not have made it clear that the tariffs quoted already included the 35% discount and therefore the 17 cents per kWh is the correct and final figure. The pre-discount figure was approximately 25 cents per kWh. The retailer provided a table of its tariffs with and without discounts and GST for EWOV and Mr T. 

The Outcome

The electricity retailer confirmed the tariffs that would apply to Mr T’s account and retrospectively applied the missing PFiT credits. EWOV reviewed the re-billing of Mr T’s account to ensure that the PFiT credits had been applied and that the tariffs were correct. The re-billing corrected the account balance by over $500 in Mr T’s favour and resulted in the retailer owing him about $259. The retailer agreed to waive the termination fee if Mr T decided to switch to another retailer. Mr T was satisfied the outcome and the case was closed.

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