Mr R experiences several delays getting new solar panels connected by his electricity company (September 2016)

Getting connected and changing energy company, Billing mistakes
Case Number 2016/14846
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Mr R had installed solar panels at his property in March 2016 in an effort to take advantage of the solar Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme and to reduce the overall cost of his electricity bill. Mr R received an electricity bill from his retailer in June 2016 and noticed that it was not reflective of any solar generation or FiT information.

He contacted his retailer and was advised that it had not received any paperwork to indicate that his solar panels had been installed. Mr R contacted the registered electrical contractor who had installed his panels. He was told that all required certification and authentication documents had been sent to the retailer, advising it of the installation of the panels in March 2016 and requesting that it complete configuration of the system from its end and start billing Mr R on a solar-based tariff.  Dissatisfied, Mr R made several calls to the retailer over a period of five months before contacting EWOV in July 2016, seeking further assistance.

The Investigation

Mr R was seeking an explanation for the delay in the retailer finalising the connection of his solar panels and the possibility of compensation for any solar Fit credits which he had missed out on as a result of the delay. EWOV advised him that the matter would first be referred to a higher level staff member at the retailer for further investigation. Mr R received a call from the retailer several days later during which he was advised that no paperwork relating to the solar installation had been received. Again, dissatisfied with this information, Mr R returned to EWOV and an Investigation was raised. EWOV requested that Mr R provide copies of all relevant paperwork and evidence from the solar installer of the dates and method by which it was sent to the retailer.

The Outcome

Through further investigation, the energy retailer established that the documentation had, in fact, been received and due to an unexplained delay had not been processed. The retailer confirmed that Mr R’s solar installation was now complete and his account had been updated to reflect a solar tariff. The retailer offered an apology for the delay and a $250 credit in recognition of any loss of credit to his account. Mr R was satisfied with the outcome of EWOV’s investigation and the case was closed.

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