Disconnected by an electricity retailer after a final meter read (September 2016)

Energy disconnection and water restriction
Case Number 2016/19803
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Ms D was about to move out of her rental property and contacted her electricity retailer to arrange a final meter read and to provide a forwarding address for the final bill. On 1 September 2016, Ms D discovered the electricity had been disconnected. She contacted her retailer and was advised that the final meter read also included a request for disconnection of supply. However, Ms D disputed this as she believed that she was not advised of the disconnection at the time she requested the final meter read. Dissatisfied with the retailer’s explanation, Ms D contacted EWOV on 8 September 2016. The complaint was raised as an Investigation due to the actual disconnection of supply.

The Investigation

As part of EWOV’s Investigation, the electricity was reconnected on the same day. EWOV reviewed the customer’s and retailer’s positions and information provided about the final meter read and the disconnection. We also confirmed the final bill was $612.41, which Ms D paid. Lastly, EWOV undertook a Wrongful Disconnection Payment (WDP) assessment to investigate if Ms D’s electricity was disconnected in line with the correct procedures.  

The Outcome

The retailer agreed to pay $481.60 – an amount equivalent to the WDP without an admission of breaching the disconnection procedures – instead of completing a full WDP assessment. It also applied another $50 credit to help facilitate the resolution of the complaint. Ms D was satisfied with the outcome and the retailer deposited the $531.60 credit account balance into her bank account. 

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