A supermarket seeks reimbursement after a scheduled outage is cancelled without notice (August 2017)

Outages, brownouts and power surges
Case Number 2017/9734
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

The customer, a supermarket stocking a large amount of perishable food, received a letter from its electricity distributor saying that an outage was planned for 19 February 2017. To maintain its stock during the outage, the supermarket spent $6,628.60 to hire a generator. However, the outage was cancelled without the supermarket being notified.

When the distributor didn’t respond to a direct complaint, Mr T contacted EWOV on behalf of the supermarket. To resolve the complaint, he asked that the distributor to reimburse the cost of the generator hire.

The Investigation

Through EWOV’s Assisted Referral process, we referred Mr T’s complaint to a more senior contact at the distribution company. However, when Mr T told us that he had received no response, we opened an Investigation.

EWOV’s conciliator asked the distributor to explain the reason for the cancellation and to provide a record of all correspondence and outages at the site. The distributor explained that the outage had been cancelled because there weren’t enough staff available to carry out the works at the scheduled time.  Acknowledging that it could have managed the outage cancellation better, it asked Mr T to submit a claim form, attaching evidence of the cost of the generator hire. 

The Outcome

The distributor said that once it received the form, it would pay the claim within 10 business days. Mr T was satisfied with this outcome and the case was closed.

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