A customer seeks reimbursement for a delayed electricity pit installation (December 2017)

Getting connected and changing energy company
Case Number 2017/7649
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Mr B contacted EWOV on behalf of a business, dissatisfied that his electricity distributor had delayed installation of an electricity pit. When he had requested the connection in January 2017, the distributor told him it would take up to a month to install. However, Mr B did not receive a quote for the works until mid-March 2017. When he contacted the distributor to complain about the delay and ask for reimbursement, it said that it would speed up the process. Mr B paid $3,157 in late March 2017, and the distributor said that the installation would be completed by late April. However, it then told him that there would be a further delay. In order to resolve the matter Mr B wanted the distributor to explain the delay, install the pit immediately and consider providing $4,000 as financial recognition.

The Investigation

When Mr B contacted EWOV we lodged an Assisted Referral with the distributor, requiring a higher-level representative to contact Mr B directly. The distributor told him that the delay was the result of a backlog of requests over Christmas. It said the pit would be installed on 28 April 2017 and that Mr B should complete a compensation claim form. When Mr B was not satisfied with the distributor’s response and recontacted EWOV, we escalated the matter to an Investigation.  During the Investigation EWOV reviewed the contact notes between Mr B and the distributor, the new connection request form, and substantiation of the payment made for the pit’s installation. 

The Outcome

The distributor apologised for the inconvenience and confirmed the pit would be installed on 5 May 2017. Explaining the delay, it told EWOV that an internal error had delayed processing of Mr B’s payment for the pit. In recognition of this delay, it agreed to refund Mr B the full amount he had paid. It also provided a direct contact in case Mr B had any further issues. Mr B was satisfied with the explanation, refund and new date for installation, and the case was closed.

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