A customer misses out on nearly three years’ of Winter Gas Concession (February 2018)

Billing mistakes
Case Number 2018/734
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Ms A, a concession card holder, realised that her gas company hadn’t been applying the Winter Gas Concession to her account since she opened it in 2015.

When Ms A contacted the company, it promised to backdate and apply the concession within ten days. However, after repeated follow-ups and timeframe extensions, this didn’t occur. When the matter remained unresolved after a month, Ms A contacted EWOV and we raised an Assisted Referral. However, the company didn’t call Ms A back in the required timeframe, so she returned to EWOV and we opened an Investigation.

The Investigation

The company reviewed its records and acknowledged Ms A has provided her concession card details when opening her account in June 2015. However, the company had made an error, failing to apply Ms A’s Winter Gas Concession. 

The Outcome

Apologising for its mistake, the company confirmed that it had now validated Ms A’s concession card details and applied backdated concessions of $233.45 for the winter 2017 period. It said that it would apply further backdated concessions of $138.12 and $148.15 for winter billing in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Together with a further $100 credit in recognition of the inconvenience caused, this left Ms A’s account $619.74 in credit. Since the account had already been closed and final billed, the company gave Ms A direct contact to call to arrange payment. Ms A was satisfied with this resolution and the case was closed.

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