A customer is inconvenienced by a delayed gas connection at her new property (February 2015)

Getting connected and changing energy company
Case Number 2014/51352
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

On 28 October 2014, Ms F contacted the retailer to request a new gas connection, which she was told would take four weeks. After one month had passed with no connection or further information, Ms F contacted the retailer. It told her that the distributor had cancelled the job on 29 October 2014. It said that it would raise a new request with the distributor, and that that the connection would take between four and six weeks.

Ms F had previously arranged to have a new driveway laid in early December 2014, but the gas line needed to be installed before this work could be done. She was dissatisfied that the delay would significantly increase the cost of the gas line installation, and that the retailer had not contacted her earlier, when the initial installation request had been cancelled.

Ms F contacted EWOV on 27 November 2014, seeking an explanation of the retailer’s poor customer service and asking that the gas be connected without delay.

The Investigation

We raised an Assisted Referral, but Ms F recontacted us after three days passed without phone contact from the company. Because the matter was urgent, we progressed the case to Real Time Resolution (RTR) on 3 December 2014.

At RTR, the retailer told us that the initial request had been rejected by the distributor due to an error in the address supplied by the retailer. It had sent a new connection request to the distributor, marking the work as urgent. It sought an update from the distributor about when the connection would occur, but was still awaiting a response. It had then sent a further request for the work to be pushed through urgently, if possible. The retailer gave the customer a new timeframe of 10 to 20 business days for installation, but said that the work might be completed before the end of that week. It offered to contact the customer directly prior to the installation to tell her when it would occur.

We relayed this information to Ms F, who remained dissatisfied. She said that she would be moving into the new property on 14 December 2014 and would need gas for hot water and cooking.

The Outcome

The company apologised for the inconvenience the matter had caused and offered a $250.00 credit to Ms F in recognition of this. After further negotiation with the distributor, it confirmed that the gas would be connected by the end of that week (19 December 2014) and provided a direct contact for the customer to call should there be any further issues. The customer was satisfied with this resolution and the case was closed.

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