A customer experiences a number of delays establishing a new connection

Getting connected and changing energy company, Meters, poles, wires and pipes
Case Number 2018/7346
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

Mr R was dissatisfied with his distribution company after a series of delays in establishing a new connection. Mr R arranged for his electrician to submit a Certificate of Electrical Safety and an Electrical Works Request to his retailer. This enabled his retailer to raise the appropriate service order with the distribution company for a new connection to be completed. The initial job was cancelled by the distribution company, it noted the incorrect service order had been lodged. A further two job requests were cancelled due to administration errors. After numerous delays the connection was eventually completed.

The Investigation

EWOV reviewed the requests Mr R had made for the work to be done and created a timeline of events that assisted in identifying where the administrative delays had contributed to the ongoing connection delay. EWOV assisted Mr R and the distribution company with completing the connection by ensuring the right information was provided to the distribution network to ensure the work was completed without any further delay. EWOV assisted the distribution company in identifying where its processes had failed.

The Outcome

The distribution company apologised for the inconvenience and the related errors that contributed to the connection delay. It offered a customer service gesture of $400.00 in recognition of this. It provided further reimbursement of $180.00 of generator fuel and refunded two truck visit fees totaling $419.68. After agreeing to sign a release the distribution company issued a cheque. Mr R was provided with a direct contact for any further queries related to the complaint.

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