A customer discovers three years of wrong billing following the Smart Meter exchange (October 2017)

Billing mistakes
Case Number 2017/12692
Outcome Conciliation

The Issue

After Mr D’s electricity Smart Meter was installed in June 2013, he noticed that his bills jumped from around $600 to more than $1,000 dollars. Mr D contacted his retailer to discuss the sudden increase, but wasn’t satisfied with the assistance it gave him. A few years later, in May 2017, Mr D again raised the possible meter issue with his retailer. It sent the distributor to visit Mr D’s home and investigate; the distributor confirmed that Mr D was being billed for the wrong meter.

Mr D contacted EWOV asking that his retailer correct his meter details in the national database, investigate the billing error and refund the charges he had paid. We raised an Assisted Referral, but when Mr D wasn’t satisfied with his retailer’s response, an Investigation was opened.

The Investigation

EWOV reviewed Mr D’s billing and confirmed the outcome of the metering investigation with the distributor. With this information, EWOV concluded that MR D had indeed been billed incorrectly since June 2013.

The retailer offered to refund Mr D $395.21 − the current credit balance on his account − and to provide a further $100 credit in recognition of the inconvenience Mr D had experienced. As this didn’t address Mr D’s concerns about the incorrect billing, EWOV asked the retailer to cancel the incorrect bills and re-issue bills using readings from the correct meter.

The Outcome

The retailer confirmed that it had been billing Mr D for the wrong meter since June 2013. It cancelled all of the bills associated with the wrong meter and refunded Mr D the $5,536 he had paid over the three years, along with an additional $100 in recognition of the inconvenience caused. It also said that once it had the necessary readings from the correct meter, it would re-bill Mr D for the last nine months in line with the Energy Retail Code rules.

Mr D was happy with this outcome and the case was closed. 

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