Meters, poles, wires and pipes


Meters, poles, wires and pipes

Electricity, gas and water meters can contribute to problems with billing and switching energy company, among other things.

About electricity, gas and water meters

Most properties have meters that record how much water, electricity and gas is used. If your home has off-peak electricity or separate hot water, you might have more than one electricity meter and a time-switch. Most electricity meters in Victoria are Smart Meters [PDF, 333 KB] – digital meters that record how much power you use every half-hour.

Electricity and gas distributors own and read electricity and gas meters, and send the meter information to your retailer so that it can bill you for what you’ve used. Your water company owns and reads your water meter. It’s your responsibility to make sure your company can access your meter to read it.

Problems with meters

There are different problems that can happen with meters. For example:

What to do if you have a problem with your meter

Talk to your energy retailer or water company if have concerns about your meter in relation to your bills. Talk to your water company or electricity or gas distributor if the problem has to do with the meter itself.

If you can’t sort the problem out with the company, contact EWOV.

When other network infrastructure affects your property

We can also assist if you’ve been affected by other energy or water network infrastructure, like poles, wires and pipes, or by related activities such as tree pruning.

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Meters, poles, wires and pipes
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