Billing mistakes


Billing mistakes

Sometimes, things go wrong and your energy or water company makes a mistake on your bill.

Types of billing mistakes

There are many errors that can be made on an energy or water bill. For example:

  • your concessions or discounts aren’t included
  • a payment you made got lost in the system and wasn’t credited to your account
  • there is a mistake in your meter data, or the meter isn’t working properly
  • the company estimated how much energy or water you used, and the estimate is too low or too high.

If you have solar panels [PDF, 321 KB], there are other mistakes that your company might make on your bill. For example:

  • solar credits aren’t included on your bill
  • the wrong feed-in tariff is used.

What to do if you think there’s a mistake on your bill

If you think there’s a mistake on your bill, contact your company and explain the problem. If you’re not happy with their response, call EWOV.

If you have stopped receiving concessions [PDF, 748 KB] on your bill, make sure your company has up-to-date concession card details for you. You should also check that the name on your concession card and the name on your energy or water account match exactly.

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Billing mistakes
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Billing mistakes

Types of charges on energy and water bills

Energy and water bills usually have two main types of charges:

  • usage charges for the energy or water you’ve used, based on a reading from your meter
  • service charges, a flat, per day charge that pays for your access to the energy or water system.

Water bills can also have special charges such as waterways and parks charges.