Apartment, retirement village and caravan park residents


Embedded Networks

Do you live in an apartment, retirement village or caravan park?  Or do you operate a business in a shopping centre?

If so, you may be part of an embedded network.

What are embedded networks?

Embedded networks are private electricity networks that supply homes or businesses within a specific area. They are common in apartment buildings, shopping centres, caravan parks and retirement villages.

Many embedded networks use an agent to send bills and provide customer service. Some of the larger agents are WINenergy, Energy On, Active Utilities, ENSA, Energy Intelligence, Benergy, Network Energy Services and OC Energy. If you receive bills from any of these companies, you are in an embedded network.

What's changed?

In 2017, the Victorian government changed the law about embedded networks. It decided that customers in embedded networks needed clear rights, and that they should be able to complain to EWOV if they couldn’t resolve a problem. From July 2018, EWOV started taking complaints from customers in embedded networks.

What are my rights?

Can I switch to a different company?

Are you having difficulty paying a bill?

Is there a mistake on your bill?

Concession information

Have you been disconnected?

Although embedded network customers aren’t eligible for Wrongful Disconnection Payments (WDP), we do have information that can assist you

How EWOV can help

If you’ve spoken with your company but can't get the information you need, call EWOV. We can investigate if your embedded network has complied with its obligations or not.

How can I make a complaint?

Before you complain to us, you must give the company a reasonable opportunity to resolve the dispute. If you’ve tried but you can’t sort out the problem, we can help you and the company reach a resolution.

You can make a complaint by phone, online, by email or fax or in writing. Click here for more information on how you can make a complaint.

We can help to resolve most disputes between customers and embedded networks, however there are some complaints we can't take. For more information click here.     

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